Airline catering equipment

Airplane travel is a great experience and it is thanks to the attention that the staff of the airplane takes care of. They ensure your flight is comfortable and you have access to good food to enjoy your flight. For airlines to give you a good user experience, they should have the necessary catering equipment to do so.

Here is a list of catering equipment that can give airlines an edge.

  • Transport basket. The stroller is very convenient for transporting food, drinks and dishes to every passenger. It has several shelves as well as a trash bin to collect all used wrappers or waste. The air hostess can easily push and move the cart along the aisle while having access to all the items in the cart.
  • Plastic cutlery. Airlines are only allowed plastic knives, forks and spoons, so you need to make sure you have enough supplies for all passengers. You can dispose of plastic cutlery after the flight by recycling.
  • Cutlery. Although plastic cutlery is used, you will still need a cutlery holder to pack it into. The cutlery container neatly separates the plastic utensils, making it easy to find when serving every passenger. The last thing a hostess wants to do is struggle to find a tea spoon for a traveler who ordered tea or coffee.
  • Polycarbonate eating utensils. This is a durable cutlery that can be used multiple times and is almost non-perishable. It is a safer version of the standard ceramic cutlery as it is made of polycarbonate and if it falls to the floor it will not break. They have a great finish that is attractive and ideal for airlines looking to maintain their elite status.
  • Plastic glasses. It is ideal to use plastic cups on an airplane, as they can be used as needed and disposed of or recycled after flight. Besides, if it falls, then it won't even break. This is important given that the plane is moving and turbulence can cause the glasses to tip over.

Airlines require the right catering equipment for their services to make the experience comfortable for travelers. It is important to consider whether the chosen catering equipment leaves passengers with a good impression of the airline. Many travelers remember having dinner or lunch services and this could affect the way they feel about a particular airline.

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