Why did the Emirates award the "Best Airline" in the 2016 Skitrak Awards List?

Emirates has been named the best airline in the world by Skitrak, the leading consumer aviation website in 2016. The Dubai-based airline has received the award at the recently concluded Farnborough Air Show. Emirates has won that honor for the fourth time in 15 years. The airline began its winning strategy in 2013. This year, the airline is leaving Qatar Airvais to receive the honor.

What makes Emirates special?

When it comes to the Middle East, everything is extraordinary and exudes class and luxury, as is Emirates Airlines. From the design uniforms of crew and support staff to on-board food and beverages, Emirates differs in all criteria compared to other airlines.

The benefits that make Emirates special are:

Private apartments – Emirates flights have a hotel like rooms with private space for the comfort, comfort and relaxation of travelers.

Shower spas – It doesn't matter if you are a business or leisure traveler, the spa will allow you to get fresh and ready at your destination.

Exclusive deck chairs on board – If you have ever visited one of the airports in the Emirates airport, you will know why it was named the best. The lounges include spas, food buffets, relaxing beds and sofas, and more that will keep you busy until you embark on an Emirates flight.

Vi-Fi on the fly – Vi-Fi is essential for any modern airline and how Emirates can lag. This is one of the first airlines to start offering Vi-Fi on all its short, medium and long haul flights.

Summer Fun – ICE is the Emirates summer entertainment system. Travelers would fall in love with a wide variety of entertainment options. There are over 2500 movie channels, TV shows, music programs and online games to choose from in multiple languages. The icy digital screen is wide and with captioning capabilities. Travelers are allowed to create their own personal playlist throughout the journey.

World cuisine – A selection of food from around the world that would define your dining experience over the summer – yes, this is what will conveniently describe what the Emirates food and beverage section has to offer. From caviar to salmon to premium wine, everything can be found on the fly at Emirates.

These are just shipping services, but Emirates services are not limited to that. The airline also takes care of its passengers on the ground. It offers shuttle services to the airport, car rental and even limousines upon request for smooth transportation to the airport.

Airlines in the Middle East have set standards for airlines around the world and it's time for others to step up and join the competition. This competitiveness would only make flying fun for travelers like us.

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