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The airline industry has become increasingly competitive when it comes to the prices they charge for flights to Miami, and finding cheap flights to Miami can be a challenge because there is so much "clutter" to cross. However, choosing one airline over another can be a great way to save a few hundred dollars on the total cost of your trip. In addition, there are smaller, much less well-known airlines that offer frequent routes to Miami from cities across the United States, and often traveling to one of these smaller airlines is the best way to save money.

When finding the best airline from a cost perspective, it is important to think of several reasons – and understand that not all airlines fly to every region of the country, though almost all airlines have a route to Miami or several routes from Miami. If you choose an airline that has to connect to another flight – you may end up paying more because you are charged state fees each time you land and every time you fly. As a rule: the larger the terminal you fly from, the cheaper the flight.

Delta Airlines has an incredible reputation for operating from almost every airport, and there are tons of Delta flights to and from Miami every week. Delta also has smaller jets that are often used for shorter flights, so if you are in a state bordering Florida – you might get an even cheaper price by choosing a smaller plan.

Jet Blue is one of the most popular low cost airlines to travel to Miami, though they may not have access to a terminal in all areas of the country. Jet Blue offers very reasonable prices if you can find a Jet Blue airline that operates from your local airport and they also offer great service. The big plus when it comes to finding cheap flights to Miami while flying with Jet Blue is that they do not charge large baggage fees, which are becoming more popular with many airlines – they only charge after the first checked bag. Of course, you can also carry a carrier at no cost.

Many are counting on American air travel for Miami's most incredible plane ticket, and they offer legendary service. In fact, many consumers say that while other airlines have reduced the number of incentives they offer passengers, American Airvais has firmly invested in its commitment to bring friendly service and extras to each flight.

No matter which airline you choose to use for your flight to Miami, you can always save more by booking as early as possible after choosing a itinerary for your trip. Early bookings for seats on any flight to any destination, including popular destinations such as Miami, can be a springboard for real air savings. Book your flight at least three weeks in advance for your flight savings, or book up to six months in advance for deep discounts. Please note that if you travel during heavy traffic periods for any airline, you will pay a premium price for your seat if you do not book well in advance, such as during Thanksgiving (busiest time) and Christmas. Some flights to warmer destinations are also more expensive during the summer, especially during the Fourth of July weekend.

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