10 Benefits of Promotional In-flight Videos for Airlines

In these difficult trading conditions, airlines need to explore all possible avenues to increase shipping revenue. One of the most effective ways to advertise revenue generating products and services is to create high quality promotional videos on the vehicle.

Here are 10 benefits to airlines from using high quality in-flight advertising and promotional videos.

1. Passengers are often receptive to sales messages while on board a large number of products or services that are promoted to them of interest and can enhance their flight experience.

2. Duty free goods can provide significant additional revenue streams to airlines. High quality production videos that showcase these products in an attractive way are a great way to encourage travelers to buy these very discounted and popular merchandise.

3. If you provide online booking through a website, promotional in-flight promotional videos are a great way to inform people. You may have travelers who have booked with alternative methods but may be interested in knowing about your internet service, so the next time they have a flight request, they are more likely to visit your website to see what else you can provide.

4. Promotional videos during the flight are a good opportunity to advertise other destinations to which the airline is flying. This is especially useful on return flights when traveler thoughts often turn to future vacation destinations.

5. Another very useful source of income is snacks and drinks. Although Flight Magazine will often publish these products, a great way to increase sales is to highlight them in attractive video production.

6. In-flight promotional videos can be a great way to highlight the entertainment package travelers can take advantage of, such as movies, TV shows, audio channels and games.

7. If you provide headsets for sale or rent or use your promotional video to convey a message.

8. More and more airlines are offering travelers the rental of portable handheld IFEs. Promoting these entertainment systems through video will increase awareness and increase sales.

9. The production values ​​of your promotional video are a reflection of your brand and company, so it is important to invest properly and use an experienced IFE supplier.

10. Because promotional videos are usually quite short, they can be useful to fill in between in-flight movies and TV shows. If the movie ends a few minutes before your travel team, for example, serves food, a short promotional video can be a great way to keep travelers occupied.

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