Burlingame Endgame Murder Dilemma: What Really Happened to Flight 77 Airlines?

The old mysterious conundrum, "Who killed Cock Robin?", Has promoted the creation of many attractively drawn works of literary fiction over the last two centuries in which creative authors have endeavored to give the human mind puzzling murder scenarios to think with the hope of solving them. While many Americans spend countless hours reading Agatha Christie, James Patterson, Dashiell Hammett, and numerous other contemporary murder mystery writers, some grotesque real-life murders, more than 3,000, were committed on September 11, 2001, one day, for what then need equal or greater amount of deductive reasoning and sound forensic investigation. Sixty-four of those killings could be reported under the name, "Confusing Murder at Burlingham Endgame," named after the command pilot of Flight 77 of American Airlines, fifty-eight passengers and five other crewmen, boarded a Boeing 757, according to federal government, allegedly rammed into the west wall of the Pentagon at 9:37 a.m. on Sept. 11 by Arab hijacker Hani Hanjour.

Recently, my thought processes have strongly stimulated me while listening to Larri O & 39 on VMAL, 105.9 FM, on Tuesday, September 11, 2017; Connor Shov. During that radio show, I was intrigued, if not very confusing, by the statements of Debra Burlingame, the younger sister of the deceased Flight 77 pilot, Charles Burlingame, about what allegedly happened on September 11, 2001 at the Pentagon. Debra, who is allegedly a barrister, has been steadily parading the federal version of what happened to Flight 77 since 9/11, an American Airlines Boeing 757 aircraft flying from Washington, DC to Los Angles, California, hijacked and flown. high-flying Hanjour to the Pentagon, insisting that her brother and the other 63 crews and passengers listed on the American Airlines Flight 77 manifest were killed when the plane struck the Pentagon. west wall at reportedly 450 mph at about 60 feet above the ground. What is of utmost concern about these alleged facts is why Debra supported, for almost sixteen years, a series of claims about her dear brother's death, which could never have happened because of a scientific impossibility.

Since 9/11, many scientifically "accurate" facts about what "really" happened at the Pentagon that awful day have emerged from detailed forensic and scientific investigations and analysis of dubious facts that the Federal Government cited immediately after the Pentagon incident and later , in its published 500-point document, the "Commission Report of 9/11". As a former deputy sheriff for the San Diego County Sheriff's Department, I graduated from the San Diego County Sheriff's 72nd Academy in June 1985 after intense exposure to criminal forensic experts. Prior to that, I studied inorganic chemistry for one year in an engineering program at Tiler Junior College (TJC), in Tiler, Texas, and after graduating from UT Tiler I completed my first, and only, law school year at Thomas Law School Jefferson in San Diego, California. Later, in 1992, I received my master's degree from the University of Texas at Tyler, which included a bachelor's degree in forensic chemistry. From there, I came to see the events and federally alleged facts at the Pentagon through the eyes of a suspected forensically trained police officer, who led me to see a completely different set of facts, as I will present in this article.

Inevitably, when large military or commercial jet airplanes crash into mountains, land, buildings, and skyscrapers, these planes leave a large wreck, especially the wreckage of the engine components. The composite structure of the Boeing 757 contains ten tonnes of titanium and steel engine components, which should have been fairly visible after such an aircraft crashed on the west wall of the Pentagon, and the detrimental impact of those engine parts should have caused grassy well-maintained grounds around and near the site collisions that need to be greatly disturbed, rolled out and obviously frightened. Still, facts show that the first media team to arrive at the Pentagon directly after the alleged crash, CNN's news crew presented a seventy-second show in which CNN's reporter, Jamie McIntire, stated that "no video crashed the Boeing plane 757 on the west side of the Pentagon, where the wall was damaged. "He said that" if the collision of a large jet aircraft occurred, it would have to be shorter than the Pentagon because of the wreck that must have belonged to some sort of much smaller aircraft on the Pentagon's base. " for the press, McIntire looked p rather baffled, and that seventy-second broadcasts on CNN were never aired again on national television, or after 9/11. Thank goodness for inventing the DVR, because if the recorders across the living rooms of millions of television viewers were not working at that moment, that segment of television broadcasting would be lost in history, and in general the likelihood that its existence would be negated by CNN and the federal government. Jamie McIntire's subsequent denial in 2002 of what he reported seeing at the Pentagon came in early 2002, when concerned citizens who saw and heard his brief flash of news began questioning federally alleged facts. McIntire's denial of what he saw and heard on the morning of 9/11 was apparently forced through some form of intimidation; as much as the 1947 U.S. Air Force denial statement was made by Jesse Martell, an Air Force intelligence officer, who first stated that he clearly saw the remains of a crashed flying saucer near Roswell, New Mexico. He later admitted that the commanding general of the Air Force ordered him to appear in an officially released picture of the Air Force and said that what he saw was the result of a balloon crash, instead of what he really saw. Then a film was made about Martel's denial, featuring Martin Sheen as a reporter, who found and interviewed Jesse Martel at the Armi Air Corps reunion.

Another startling factor that goes into the Flight 77 puzzle is the fact that the "only" evidence of the abduction of the Boeing 757 was alleged cell phones to Theodore "Ted" Olson, USDOJ's attorney general, by his husband, well-known CNN correspondent Barbara Olson , allegedly during AA 77 flight. Olson reported that his wife had called him twice from flight 77. He borrows from chapter 5 of Dr. 2011's David Rai Griffin, "9/11 Ten Years Later: When State Crimes Against Democracy Succeeds," Chapter 5 turns to the main method by which (conspiratorial) perpetrators persuade the American people that Muslim attacks are orchestrated: obvious phone calls from 9/11 aircraft, through which Americans were first told that men from the Middle East had hijacked four aircraft, this information was provided by Bush-Chenei, Attorney General, Theodore "Ted" Olso n, Attorney General, who told CNN and hence the world, that his wife, well-known CNN correspondent Barbara Olson, had informed her that her American Airlines 77 plane had been hijacked by people armed with knives and box cutters. It became public knowledge (through FBI evidence provided for the trial of Zacharias Musaui) that Ted Olson's report – that his wife spoke to him twice from AA 77 – is incorrect, which is hardly likely to be relevant given the fact that the alleged phone calls provided evidence that the planes had been hijacked, combined with the fact that the first and foremost transmitter of these reports I was Ted Olson. Yet, the US media, which is responsible for reporting information to the American public, never reported on FBI confirmation that Olson's calls never happened. This chapter also addresses other evidence that "telephone calls from aircraft" never occurred. "

As for the actual images or video footage of Boeing 757s flying towards the Pentagon, circling the Pentagon across the sky and flying from the west 60 feet above the ground, none into the west wall of the Pentagon; except for one published by the federal government in the three years after 9/11, showing only the "utterly unidentified nose" of some aircraft pointing toward the west wall of the Pentagon; which is, and still is, wholly inadequate in determining that it was a Boeing 757. However, there were working video cameras mounted on the operating Citgo service station next to the Pentagon, and on the high floor of a nearby hotel, aimed at the sky where 757 aircraft reportedly approached the Pentagon. The FBI suspiciously taped the tapes for these special cameras less than ten minutes after every Pentagon hit inflicted damage and was never revealed to the American public. Currently, the FBI claims that "there have never been such recordings and, if any, they cannot be found." These dubious facts make (only) two eyewitness statements for the federal story, which are claimed to have seen Boeing 757 approaching the Pentagon, are highly dubious; because if two distinguished people saw the plane, there must have been many more who saw the same thing. Now, what spokespersons of the federal government, NIST, FAA, and FBI people have said of the wreck of the Boeing 757, which should have been very visible on Pentagon bases after such a fall 9/11. , months and years after 9/11, federal officials stated, excessively, with straight faces, that the entire jet aircraft, the entire Boeing 757 hose, the airframe, and ten tons of aircraft Titanium and steel engine components were completely "evaporated" by fire by the heat produced after the jet hit the Pentagon wall.

Well, I saw pictures of the wreckage of the crashed U.S. Air Force C-141 Starlifters when the plane and four large jet engines crashed into the mountains and land at about 500 mph., And there were large amounts of engine wreck remaining. You see, the JP-4 kerosene jet fuel fire created in collisions of large jets will cause these planes to burn at no more than 850 degrees Farenheit. For steel and titanium to dissolve significantly less evaporate, the temperature must be greater than 2,000 degrees. The actual fall of a Boeing 757 aircraft into a brick / concrete wall would create a fire that would burn to no more than 850 degrees, and an 850 degree fire would not cause steel and titanium to evaporate, much less heat. For an aircraft to evaporate in a fall, fire and heat must be at least 10,000 degrees because all matter must transition from a solid state to a liquid and gaseous state through the stages of elemental change. For pieces of steel and titanium that are currently being transformed into gas or evaporated (bypassing the liquid stage), the temperature must be extreme and in some cases higher than the heat generated by the most powerful chemical accelerators known to man.

Therefore, there is no doubt that if the Boeing 757 crashed into the Pentagon's west wall, a large amount of wreckage will remain, which is why CNN reporter Jamie McIntire first disappeared first, according to a television report accurately observing the Pentagon around 9:30 a.m. on September 11 . So, if an American 77 Airlines flight, from Dulles to LAKS, does not crash into the Pentagon, causing a 16-foot hole in the Pentagon wall and the killings that occurred during the melee; and what happened to the real Flight 77 that left Dulles at 8:20 a.m. on September 11? Years of hard investigative work by prominent engineers, physicists and forensic experts, freely contributing to their search for truth by architects and engineers for truth on September 9 (AE911Truth.org), have produced some astounding results that are beyond dispute. Some other type of rocket in the air or a much smaller plane was remotely engineered or crashed into the Pentagon wall.

The very obvious lies and deceptions that were made part of the federal investigation of 9/11 to $ 200 million and its sleepless product, "The 9/11 Commission report gives a reasonable human mind a particularly evil account of what could have been nothing less than the horrific results of a criminal plot. The "report" specifically criminalizes the omission of any mention of the complete collapse of the Solomon Building, VTC 7 building, at a free fall rate similar to remote demolition at approximately 5:15 pm on September 11, a fact that contributes to verbal testimony a number of eyewitnesses who usually worked on different floors of the building, namely CIA federal officers on the 10th floor of Building 7, were involved in the business of operating a peculiar, apparently secretive project during the morning and early afternoon of 9/11. , and that they and all the other occupants of the building were sudden to leave the building around 4:15 pm, for unknown reasons to the occupants. One of the witnesses heard that Building 7 would be "pulled out", which is a term used in the process. " controlled demolition ".

The findings concluded by Investigator AE911Truth.org were that VTC Building 7 was the CIA / NSA Command Center for all of the 9/11 conspiracy operations (for VTC, the Pentagon and wherever other operations were conducted). Confidential informants for AE911Truth.org provided information that federal government intelligence agencies, mainly the CIA and NSA, were responsible for the collapse of VTC towers and events at the Pentagon. Is this hard to believe? Of course it is! What rational member of the American electorate would believe that the federal government would confidently orchestrate the killings of more than 3,000 innocent human beings? It was the expected human reaction counted on by the federal government agencies involved in the conspiracy. So by extending the reasonable deductions behind the collapse of VTC Tovers and Building 7 on Flight 77, a reasonable person must consider that if 3,000 innocent human lives were unnecessarily gone in New York, why would the lives of 58 passengers and six crew members of Flight 77, plus people be killed at the Pentagon, essential to the federal government?

Do you suppose that Wendy Burlingame, the 33-year-old daughter of Charles Burlingame, began deductively merging two and two by 2006 to conclude that Flight 77 did not crash on the Pentagon, but instead flew from Dulles to some unknown takeoff lanes, passengers deported by CIA / NSA agents and executed in cold blood? Is it reasonable or just a fantasy to suspect that Wendy was subsequently killed in a burning fire that devoured her at the apartment of her U.S. Army veteran boyfriend on December 6, 2006, to permanently quell her vocalized suspicions and accusations? The arson investigators who also formally tried the fire included two, unnamed, federal agents, according to Guttenberg at the City of New Jersey Fire Department who responded to the two-alarm fire. In most cases, a city firefighter has the sole responsibility of reporting publicly that a fire is not the result of a fire, but in this particular case, Hudson County District Attorney Edward Defazio took the role of statement publicly for the record that "no accelerator was used in the fire" and that the fire can be switched off. Therefore, there must be genuine suspicion of arson and criminal activities that arose from the county district surrounding the unusual conflict. Several independent investigators certainly think so, which leads a reasonable person to suspect that the fire may have been intentionally set up to kill Wendy Burlingame in some way; since the crime of murder is defined as the unlawful killing of one man by another with premeditated malice or as criminal negligence.

As I said at the beginning of this article, pure unauthorized scientific fact in almost every detailed homicide investigation will eventually trigger conspiratorial lies and misconceptions about speculative events and events. By querying human minds with knowledge of physical science and forensics, intelligent and intuitive minds will always be able to detect unscientific and illogical differences in criminal investigation, even if the false perception of the public by the media keeps them from believing these conclusions. The willingness of the human mind to accept fact because of neglected fiction, and propaganda that promotes false perception is at the core of the problem. Investigating the suspicious deaths of truth-telling witnesses and whistleblowers as a result of a criminal conspiracy promotes the tight linkage of evidence that, directly or indirectly, will lead to the identification of the conspirator. As such, to add to the suspicious death of Wendy Burlingame, the mysterious death of Beverly Eckert, who lost her husband on September 11, thickens the plot and adds weight to the conspiracy evidence. Beverly, like Wendy, did not buy the federal explanation for 9/11 and was one of the original victims of 9/11. families organized to seek truthful disclosure of what really happened to VTC towers and buildings 7. According to Beverly, before she was killed, she was offered significant money by federal government agents to remain silent about her 9/11 concern, but she refused the money and was adamant that she did not remain silent. A week before she passed away in a very mysterious plane crash at 12 o'clock, Beverly Eckert met with Barack Obama at the White House, who represents the victims of 9/11. families advocating a new full investigation into the facts of 9/11. Да ли је федерална влада Беверли, заједно са осталим људским бићима у несрећи авиона, убила своје упорне молбе за 11. септембар?

Тајанствена смрт Кеннетх Јоханнеманна, домарица обају ВТЦ-ових кула-близанаца, који је радио 11. септембра, био је још један инцидент који пробија завере. Кеннетх је радио у северном ВТЦ-у, кули близанцу, 11. септембра 2001., када је јасно чуо експлозије које су долазиле из подрума куле и са горњих спратова куле. У ствари, Кеннетх је спасио жртву опекотина целог тела од експлозије у подруму, која се догодила у бази, а не на врху, Северног торња. 31. октобра 2008, седам година након 11. септембра, Кеннетх је пронађен мртав, жртва пуцања у главу. Пронађена је белешка која каже да је Кеннетх био депресиван након што је деложиран из своје резиденције; али велика брижна породица Јоханнеманна сведочила је да му је један од рођака понудио место за живот и да он није особа склона депресији. Према свему што је знао, Кеннетх није био депресиван у данима и недељама пред смрт, а редовно је на јавним скуповима причао о ономе што је имао призор и чуо у северном ВТЦ торњу. Можда је то била његова кобна грешка, рекавши истину да се заиста догодило у Северном торњу 9. септембра. Чланак новинара и писца из Монтреала Цраиг МцКее-а о Виллиаму Родригуезу, конобару из ВТЦ-а и пријатељу Кеннетху Јоханнеманну, указује да је обоје видио и чуо тачно оно што је Кеннетх уочио ујутро 11. септембра. Дио чланка је укључен у наставку:

"Без обзира колико је он познат (Родригуез) у покрету Истине 11. септембра (у ствари, он је једна од његових најпознатијих личности), веома мало других је чуо ствари које мора да каже – ствари које чине Добављачи службене савезне приче веома су нервозни. То је зато што ако је оно што извештава тачно, званична прича не може бити тачна.Ова званична верзија тврди да су утицаји на авион и настали пожари били искључиво одговорни за пад експлозија у подруму Северне куле је истина, тада о томе мора да се прича много више. У документарцу, "Мистерије" 11. септембра, Родригуез описује шта се догодило док је био у зграда подрума, ниво Б1: "Одједном, зачули смо велику експлозију. Била је то експлозија која ми је дошла под ноге, што значи да је дошла из под нивоа између Б2 и Б3. "Родригуез додаје да је након експлозије у подруму чуо утицај удара за који се наводи да је лет 11 погодио Северни торањ." И на врху зграде се догодила велика експлозија. Могли сте чути разлику од дна па све до врха. Онај са врха, који је заправо био секунде после, био је јако далеко. Она у подруму је била прилично гласна и осетили сте како се стварна стопала померају подом. Кроз зидове је пролазила дрхтавица, зидови су пукли и лажни плафон се тотално срушио. "

Стога, укратко, СВЕ истинитих релевантних и материјалних чињеница о ономе што се заправо догодило 11. септембра у Пентагону и Њујорку, у потпуности су у сукобу са савезном верзијом злочестих догађаја о којима је на јавној телевизији извештавао Национални институт за Стандарди и технологија (НИСТ) и објављени у „Извештају Комисије за 11. септембар“ и на националној кабловској телевизији, што је америчке пореске обвезнике коштало преко 120 милиона долара од почетка до краја. Ипак, да ли очекујете да ће група сенки, прагматичних и садистичких савезника завереника слободно одустати од својих грозних злочина и масовних убистава која су починили; да добијем напокон савест и јавно признам? Не, не можете очекивати од њих да то учине, али можете очекивати да ће погрешити у просуђивању покушавајући да прикрију њихове трагове и елиминишу све инкриминирајуће доказе који их повезују са злочиначком завјером 11. септембра. Суштина овог чланка је да се авион типа Боеинг 757, који је превозио 58 путника и 6 чланова посаде компаније Америцан Аирлинес Флигхт 77, није срушио на зид Пентагона, те да се два авиона типа Боеинг 767, Америцан Аирлинес Флигхт 11 и Унитед Авиокомпаније Лет 175, нису летеле у северни и јужни ВТЦ-ове куле близанце. Уместо тога, коришћене су пажљиво конструисане млазне летелице које јако подсећају на авионе Боеинг 767, које су током двогодишњег периода саградили приватни савезни уговарачи, радећи потајно за ЦИА / НСА. А покретач је био у томе што савезни уговарачи нису имали појма о стварној сврси тајно изграђених беспилотних летелица. Што се тиче потпуног пада пада двају ВТЦ-ових кула-близанаца и зграде ВТЦ-а 7, три супер-грађевине су у потпуности срушене коришћењем контролисаног рушења коришћењем запаљивог супер-топлотног експлозива који се зове војни нанотермит.

Све док се веома огорчено гласачка мањина америчког националног бирачког тела (укупни гласачи Сједињених Држава старији од 18 година) или једнако углађена већина њих не увери у истините и тачне чињенице о масовним убиствима почињенима 11. септембра , истина се не може спознати. Ова убиства, која су федерални завереници починили у спровођењу неоконзервативне агенде за веома фашистички „нови амерички 21. век“, планирана неколико година пре 11. септембра. Оптужујући 9/11 радикалне исламисте и осигуравајући доношење неуставног Патриот Ацт, савезна влада је подстакла континуирано непогрешиво ратно стање против сопственог "тероризма" и драстично променила америчку републику после 11. септембра у нација људи коју присиљава стални страх. И наставиће да се спопада у апатичном незнању као што је то било послије Пеарл Харбор-а. Прошло је скоро 35 година, након што је чињеница да је америчка јавност прихватила суморну стварност да је Франклин Роосевелт намерно смислио план о убиству преко 4.000 америчких војника, маринаца, ваздухопловаца и морнара у јапанском нападу 7. децембра 1941. године у име прагматизма. Јапански напад био је снажно изненађење мушкараца и жена у униформи у Пеарл Харбору тог кобног јутра, али не и за ФДР, који је знао за чекању напад 72 сата пре него што се догодио. Могао је на то упозорити Поморску команду Пеарл Харбор-а. Али није, јер је свом рођаку Винстону Цхурцхиллу обећао 1939. године да ће се побринути да Сједињене Државе уђу у европски рат против Немачке Адолфа Хитлера. То је, тада, била заблуда у рату! Историја је доказала да је то еванђеошка истина, али та истина заиста нема везе са америчким бирачким тијелом с краја 20. века и почетка 21. века, који, чини се, немају баш бриге о завери. Прошло је скоро шеснаест година од 11. септембра, а лажна федерална пропаганда и прогресивни медији доминирали су у обамрлим умовима великог процента тренутног америчког бирачког тела да би натерали њих да верују савезном објашњењу за 11. септембар. Преко сто милиона америчких мушкараца и жена напуни 18 година и постану чланови бирачког тела сваке календарске године. Да ли ће још шестнаест година неумољиво проћи прије него се сазна страшна истина? Или ће то икада бити познато. Само Бог зна!

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