Airlines with great frequency flyer programs

Nowadays, airlines have stood out in every way possible to provide sophisticated passenger services. From boarding to top flight treatment, much attention was paid to the most essential details. Because competition is extremely tough, airlines do their best to stay ahead of everyone. Treating their loyal customers in a unique way is one of the essential elements seen in airlines of this time.

Since travel is still a huge expense for many, many of us are looking for ways to save and opt for cheaper travel. In addition, we also like to fly with premium airline classes. These two desires seem to be separated, but thanks to frequent flying programs by airlines, much is made possible.

If you are traveling, the real benefits can only come in the form of earning and redeeming miles. Therefore, it is extremely important that you choose the right frequent flyer program that will maximize your benefits. A frequent flyer program may be perfectly perfect, but it is not suitable for you. So you have to decide on the ones that favor you the most.

Here are two airlines that you can ideally choose from based on great frequent flying programs.

1. Southvest Airlines
If you are traveling locally and making the most of your travel deals, Southvest Airlines always stays ahead of the game. It is an ideal choice for travelers who intend to enjoy free domestic flights. The frequent flyer airline program is simple and the miles are extremely convenient to redeem. Redemption policies would not complicate the frequent life of flyers! In almost all cases the redemption depends largely on the airline ticket. In this way, cheaper bus tickets would cost less miles to book.

Since the buyout is purely ticket based, it is extremely important that the flyer looks around for the right price choice. Each day will produce different results and thorough research will help to achieve the best price. While booking, it is also very important that you look for hidden costs and taxes before making a payment. It will depend on your route and the flight you choose.

2. Delta Air Lines
For many travelers, choosing Delta is a must, whether it is local or international. The airline network is a large one operating in many corners of the world. Delta Skimiles is therefore a great choice for frequent flyer programs. For leaflets based in the central and southern United States, the benefits are enormous.

The airline is expanding its network to over 334 daily departures destinations. Through the frequent flyer program, you have the opportunity to earn miles after purchasing through Delta, Delta Shuttle or Delta Connect. Since there are also many associated partners of the airline, earning and redeeming miles is super affordable. Another great way to earn miles is the wonderful Delta Skimiles credit card. One of the best reasons for choosing this flight program is that the miles do not run out and elite program members enjoy a few perks that are unlimited.

Spirit Airlines: revolutionizing the aviation industry with its innovation

The airline industry is a difficult place to survive, with changing customer demands and competitive prices, out-of-the-box thinking has become the way to go. While some carriers rely on acupuncture and organic foods to wake up customers, others like Spirit Airlines have mastered the art of packing all luxury flights without burning holes in their pockets. From implementing viral marketing ads to launching canned wines, you will see the innovations this airline is implementing in every respect. The biggest thing about Spirit Airlines is that it gives its customers influence over the choice of services they require, which means you only have to pay for what you value. These are some of the factors that have helped the carrier revolutionize the aviation sector for good.

• Low cost, affordable flying: Affordable prices are Spirit Airline's biggest asset. And not only does this US carrier worry about offering its customers a wide network of flights covering more than 50 destinations across the US, Mexico, Latin America and the Caribbean. Costs are low, network is good, and luxury is addiction, what more can a traveler ask for?

• Exciting summer dinners: Spirit Airlines offers an exciting range of snacks and meals for its customers, defining a new level of culinary experience. Leading the innovation quotient, the airline also introduced canned wines to its customers. From red sangria, strawberry strawberry to wet rose, the airline offers many flavors at great prices. Passengers only have to shell out $ 7 for one can and $ 16 for three cans.

• Environment: Spirit Airlines understands its contribution to the environment and uses state-of-the-art fleet and configuration to ensure it burns much less fuel compared to its competitors. So, flying with Spirit Airlines is not only affordable and luxurious, it's also environmentally friendly.

• Relaxing and comfortable experience: The carrier ensures that you have a relaxing stay on board. The seats are designed for your comfort and come with features such as adjustable head restraint, ample legroom and backrest. Passengers can also claim seats with extra legroom by paying for an extra part. Remember that comfort is never a concern for Spirit Airlines.

• Incredible advertising campaigns: The airline thinks you don't have to accumulate wealth to get in the interest of the customer. One of the few airlines to successfully launch cost-effective viral and shock marketing campaigns, it has shown its competitors that innovation can go a long way in connecting with travelers. From campaigning for Mitt Romney during the presidential debate to promoting cheeky campaigns for famed sportsman Alec Rodriguez, the airline certainly knows how to grab the eyeball.

So if you are looking for a summer experience that is both cost effective and luxurious, booking with Spirit Airlines is certainly a step in the right direction. It has great dining, comfortable seating and surroundings, it just couldn't be better than this!

Make your trip with American Airlines

Setting the stage

Let's set the stage for your trip with American Airlines. You have recently entered the business world and your new boss wants you to schedule an appointment with one of your clients to discuss how they purchase a new product that your company just introduced that they think will really help your customers be more efficient.

Review list for review

Now there are many things you need to do in this situation, so let's just list them:

Determine the date and time of the meeting.

Scheduling the time you would like to arrive in your client's area.

Purchase a ticket and set up your settings properly so you don't have problems at the airport.

You pack your luggage in the way that will be most constructive and useful to you.

Arriving at the airport and actually fly to your client.

Do great in meeting with your clients and get that successful transaction for your client and for you.

And I'm finally going back to my home.

Setting a date and time with a client

Now with all these variables, it's always best to stop at the top of the list, because it's easier to complete. Setting a date and time with a client is crucial for the actual meeting to happen, so you can actually have something to fly and be there. Where as if you just showed up, it can be a little weird for you and your client, because they have no idea why you appear there. So set a date and time that is good for your client and good for you.

Schedule your arrival time

The other thing you want to do is schedule the time you want to be there so you can feel comfortable and prepared for your meeting. Let's just say your client doesn't have a lot of free time, so they would love to have an appointment at 8am. So once you look and think that there is a flight from ORD, Chicago, to BOS, Boston, it would leave ORD and take you to BOS before 8am, but unfortunately, this is not the case in your case. But to your luck, there is a flight that leaves the night earlier at 6pm from the ORD and takes you to BOS at 10pm. You feel good because that flight will take you there the night before and you will be able to relax a bit and make sure everything is working and right for your appointment the next day. So, decide on that flight and thus start the next step in booking and booking a flight to BOS.

Buy those tickets

Now that you are in step for the tickets and book your seats by diverting to and from BOS, there is one thing you want to make sure that it is correct to enter your details so that you do not have any problems at the airport when you arrive there. The best way to do this is to use the same information contained in your driver's license or passport, no matter what you want to fly, they are perfect for domestic travel, as this is what they will use when securing and checking. in progress at the airport. If your name is misspelled, there may be a problem and cause you to spend more time stressing about something you could easily do when booking a flight. Now that you have successfully booked your flights at, American Airlines, you are ready to pack your suitcases and you are ready to fly at that important meeting.

Pack that bag

Since you are ready to pack your bags and make this show on the road, one of the best things to do is pack properly what you would like to bring with you on the trip. There is always a lot that you think you should bring with you, so to fully understand what you should bring with you, first take out everything you think you might need and then cut down on things you really wouldn't because you don't want to take too much with you if it's going to be a short trip with just one or two meetings. You do not travel the world during a year long journey.

Petal to the metal to the airport

Now that you have effectively and effectively packed your travel bag for a meeting with your client, you now need to get to the airport to actually fly to your meeting. Now, it seems good to many people until they reach this step and this is the point where they crash and start destroying what is going to happen on the plane, nervous about missing the flight and every other fear that you can imagine. The best thing you would plan to do with American Airlines is to go online the night before your flight and simply sign up for the flight. Once you do this will usually allow you to get your seats and ticket. Another thing that could make your life easier is to print these boarding passes or download the American Airlines app and get boarding tickets on your phone. This will allow you to relax knowing that you do not have to go to an employee counter or agent to get your boarding passes unless you have a check. The next best thing to do is to usually show up about 1.5 hours-2 hours before your flight if it is at a large airport or 1 hour at a small airport. This will allow you plenty of time to go through security, get to the gate, go to the restroom and any other needs that you need to address before getting on a plane.

If you have done all these steps, you are likely to have a high success rate to get to your door with as little stress as possible. You will surely be on your way to success and will come to your meeting and win those customers with a new product they want to buy. You got this!

Everything you need to know about budget airlines

For the tough days when traveling around the world seems like a dream come true, budget airlines can turn out to be amazing in every way. On the surface, many people have created their own image of these low cost airlines. Some can't look beyond cheap rates, while others can't get past the average airline services.

No matter what you think, millions of travelers opt for these airlines to fly around the world. While there are many passengers who do not consider this safe, hardly any airline was part of the air crash. Let's look at both sides of the flight with these airlines.

Benefits of choosing low cost airlines

Of course, a low ticket makes the obvious choice for travel. If you book early, passenger rates get even better. This is a great advantage for frugal flyers who make ends meet to fulfill their desire to travel around the world.

Because low cost airlines have strong competition, they introduce promotions for travelers from time to time. But since they will only be available for a limited period, travelers must be vigilant if they do not want to miss out.

When you save through that airline, you can spend more money on the actual trip. That means you could probably explore more destinations or shop if you like.

With all these benefits, there are a few trade-offs that travelers will need to make when opting for these budget airlines. Here are some of them.

Weaknesses of Choosing Low Cost Airlines

No matter how tempting you think, don't compromise on your safety high in the air when choosing the type of airline. However, there are many hidden fees that can make you a victim.

Financial airlines have often been criticized for charging low fares and compensation through taxes, insurance costs and other hidden costs. Before you book, make sure you go through all that and know what you are paying for.

Paying less for a ticket can mean you have to fly in really weird terms. Most budget airlines have very strange schedules, mostly in the early morning or midnight.

Baggage restrictions are a common problem when choosing these cheap airlines. Most of them only allow you to upload, with some restrictions. If you are waiting in any bag, you may have to pay a dear sum to get it through.

You have little flexibility when flying with budget airlines. However, the airline may still enjoy it. Many passengers are faced with the misery of over-scheduling in the last moments of these airlines. It may even change your seat for some reason. In times like these, it is best to keep up to date so that you do not have to face any last-minute misery when traveling.

Countdown: Last days of JFK airline


2009 was a watershed year for Austrian Airlines as a company in North America. Increasingly burdened with debt and unable to reverse the swift financial position created by competition from low-cost carriers, escalating fuel prices and the economic recession, its very existence was threatened until July's agreement with Lufthansa-German Airlines, under which it assumed its monetary obligations. and acquired most of its shares, it was concluded. The European Union obtained the purchase approval two months later.

Like many companies around the world that were forced to surrender their functions and then surrendered to acquisitions, it underwent several fundamental changes, especially at its JFK station.

That's how his last chapter unfolded.


Asking an investment partner to restore its financial viability, Austrian Airlines explored several options, but the first step towards a solution came on March 2, 2009, when Lufthansa made a public offer to a three-member Austrian Airlines Group after it reached an agreement with a state holding company. 41.56 percent share in it. The offer of € 4.46 per share, however, depended on antitrust immunity and the approval of € 500 million in restructuring aid by the state holding company. It also relied on Lufthansa's acquisition of at least 75 percent of the permanent voting stock.

For North America, the clock was already ticking and nothing predicted its fate except for a series of on-call trips undertaken to negotiate new agreements. Although Austrian Airlines celebrated both Transatlantic service anniversaries on March 26 and 20, the occasion was bittersweet as it seemed unlikely to be reached by others, at least not with its staff.

Indeed, during one of Toronto's earliest on-call trips, an agreement was reached in which all operations would be taken over by Lufthansa, eliminating the need for its employees. He became only the first of three to be signed.

Spring usually hinted at rebuilding, but not the Austrian staff. A second trip to Canada in April marked the transition, with JFK station manager Michael Steinbuegl overseeing centralized load control and duty manager Dorit passengers managing parts of it.

At dawn of May, the first member of the JFK left. Jenner, who had been employed as a ticket sales agent for three years, was fired for "cutting necessary budgets," and the vacant seat next to Sidonia, the department's chief, seemed like a void, symbolically greatly missed by a family member.

Dismantling continued. Vhitestone, the Austrian Airlines North American fortress, sent a Lufthansi reserve torch on the 10th of next month, or what could be considered an aviation version of "Black Friday"

If there was any suspicion that the hammer would hit the nail, they were uprooted on 28 August, when the European Commission officially approved the acquisition of Lufthansa, which itself consisted of EUR 500 million in aid for the restructuring of the state holding company and the merger of the two carriers. However, in order to obtain the necessary immunity from competition, Lufthansa agreed to relinquish key flight routes and reduce frequencies between Vienna and Brussels, Cologne, Frankfurt, Munich and Stuttgart.

The Austrian airline itself has become one of its many independent, European hub carriers – in this case Vienna operating to its destinations in Central and Eastern Europe.

The crash has fallen heavily – emotionally – for JFK's Austrian staff and on-call trips, during which plugs were pulled to his North American stations, continued.

Lufthansa employees were sent to Austrian ticketing offices, while two managers went to Vienna to discuss the details of the map in New York.

Confirmation of the station's inevitability signaled a deadly milestone: Lufthansa would take over all the ground floor during the year and all but one of the JFK station manager and its two managers (including the author) would then be released from their contracts. Even they had six-month restrictions.

The news, the equivalent of removing the wings of an aircraft in flight, caused emotions to spiral to the ground, resulting in disbelief and depression, which only worsened when the land operations chief informed Swissport that his JFK contract would be canceled on November 16

Sharing the station's fate with his full-time employees, Patrick, head of account at Austrian Airlines-Svissport, tried to soften the blow that words could not achieve.

Grief, demotivation and resignation hung in the air like thick jets.

The hand of the clock continued to unwind and the expected words of separation began to filter. The longtime director of Austrian Airlines at Washington International Airport, for example Regula, sent the following telex on September 14th.

"As you may have heard," she wrote, "Lufthansa will take over the management of our station tomorrow. So it's time to say goodbye.

"It's not easy, because I have met many great people over the years at Austrian Airlines and have had the opportunity to learn a lot. I would like to thank you for your support and friendship over the last few days."

Like a short string of dominoes, Washington was the second of three North American stations to fall.

Regardless of the small values ​​I served, I chose to end each daily briefing with a "group therapy" session so that Austrian Airlines and Svissport employees could explore their emotions about a "family breakup".

On September 15, Michael Steinbuegl, four years director of JFK Station, was promoted to key account manager in North America and became responsible for all three North American stations: New York, Toronto and Washington.

The only thing anyone has now is the future. The head of ground operations discussed the reasons behind the change of station with the two remaining JFK on-duty executives, and they subsequently met with the Lufthansa station manager to discuss potential integration. Patrick held a meeting with his own leadership to investigate the migration of Svissport staff to other JFK accounts.

As the calendar rolled through October, one of the staff members noticed on the board washing details of daily flight data: "Countdown: 45 days." And in the "Notes" section of the daily, I was reminded, "Laugh while you still can. Days are running out. "

Explaining the events, Paul Paflik, a former North American area manager, wrote: “Because of the economic environment, I regret that as a company we had no choice but to survive at full cost with Lufthans wherever we could. This includes working closely at stations around the world. It is unfortunate for some of our dedicated staff, but, again, we had no choice if we wanted to survive as a company. "

The rest of Austrian Airlines' route system has equally fallen victim to this reality.

For example, a former JFK colleague who has worked at several other stations since then wrote: "Finally, the ax fell on me too, and I will leave Austrian Airlines after 20 years … It seems like more I am not needed within this Austrian & # 39; New Generation & # 39 ;.

"We walked the 20-year track together, predictably breaking the long-awaited Anschluss we joked about many times, but somehow we always narrowly avoided it. Now, when it inevitably comes, that means the end for many of us.

"There's an ironic parallel saga about the Star's trajectory. It seems that we, the old, original crew, were left in our old ship to get out of sight, replacing it with Lufthansa. The good Austrian ship was gone forever.

"So I say goodbye without regrets and a bag full of fond memories to carry with me over my shoulder."

Andre, director of sales for Austrian Airlines, summed up the prevailing feeling.

"What can I say," he wrote? "From the beginning, through the middle to the end, your life experiences convey your emotions."

Integration has already begun. Familiar with Lufthansa's operations, I was asked to watch one of her 747-400 flights to Frankfurt.

Unwinding to the one-month mark, the calendar clock indicated October 15, and I noted in the daily news list: "Respect the date and count backwards from 30 …"

Issuing the last Austrian Airlines on-duty register on October 18, the station manager handed it to his staff, but abruptly suspended it on November 16 for all but two of them.

Like the advanced forces, two Lufthansa duty managers began to become familiar with Austrian flight preparation procedures. Could there be questions now?

Halloween appeared mild but dazzling, causing the streets to be covered with red and gold leaves. But the blows continued inside, inside JFK station, and the burden was the next man and goodbye.

Confirming this, Peter Schleinzer, Director of Austrian Airlines North American Airlines, sent the following notice: "This is to advise you that Austrian Airlines Cargo moves and transfers its air cargo operations and sales activities from Menzies Aviation, Building 75. at Lufthansa Cargo, Building 23. "

It is clear that no department or department would be exempted.

November 1st marks the last leg of the Austrian-Swiss collective journey. Fifteen days remained until the road branched off.

The next crossing happened on the ramp. In an internal email from Lufthansa duty manager Edwin Haas, he wrote: "To prepare for Austrian Airlines, I want to make sure that you are all familiar with their ramps. So, be sure one agent is present daily to observe their Work. "

Knowledge was still being transmitted. Several classes of familiarization with the passenger services were given to the arriving staff of Lufthansa and their supervisors were instructed in the procedures of Austrian flight preparation. Their blue uniform presence has already begun.

Separation messages also continued. Helnut Haubenvaller, chief of the Boeing 767 Pilot, sent the following email in early November.

"With the last days of your arrival at Austrian Airlines JFK, I would like to thank you for your professional, focused solution and always friendly work at Terminal One. Your motivation and quality of handling our flights have always been at the highest level, even if our other factors have made life difficult sometimes From check-in to the crew to receiving the bill of lading and leaving before schedule, you have all given us the feeling that we are leaving the home station, know that you have done much more for our crews than anyone could have expected.

"Once again, THANK YOU and all the best to everyone at Flight Operations at Austrian Airlines."

Characteristic of any move was its preparation and packaging. By sending the following email reminder to the station staff, I wrote: “It is with great heart and great sadness that I must remind everyone that the days are waning fast and that we must begin the lengthy process of cleaning our home. & # 39; The new tenants have already inspected our residence and are planning to move in on December 1st. "

Like memories, old flight files were deposited in history.

Friday the 13th was a deserted, gray, rainy day. Then they seemed like it was fall.

The "home" staff, who have been so painstakingly created over the years, began to be dismantled, reduced to memories, and their remaining time as a joint Austrian Airlines-Svissport station can now be measured in hours.

Everyone who clung to the last hope that Lufthansa would take them back was suddenly disappointed to read the latest telex.

"Lufthansa informed me today," the ground operations chief wrote, "that, unfortunately, they are unable to take over anyone from Austrian Airlines for legal reasons."

Why would anyone expect a silver lining in the dark cloud that was now hovering above JFK Station?

Despite what may have been emotional attempts to prepare for reality before it happens, the November 14 note on the laundry board quickly invalidated that theory. "Countdown: 1 day," it was said. And if more evidence was needed, it came in the form of an email the same day.

"Please be informed of the following changes to JFK as of November 16, 2009," it stated:

"Cell Surveillance and Management: Lufthansa.

"Handling Passengers and the Lost and Found: Lufthansa.

"Weight and Balance: Centralized Load Control, Lufthansa."

The only hope anyone has now is that they will soon wake up from the same nightmare. They are not.

Another acknowledgment of the finality of the situation came in the form of a letter from Pio Neria, manager of Terminal One Svissport.

"Thank you very much for all the things that we've been through together for the past seven years," he said. "It used to be fun and memorable.

"Mike, thank you for always treating the Swissport staff as one with Austrian Airlines. It's something that doesn't happen all the time and something we won't forget.

"Robert, thank you for your support and for guiding and nurturing staff members."

November 15 was mild but gray and heavy, as if an anvil had lodged in it, and the mostly fallen leaves had left the trees bare, reflecting everyone's inner emptiness. Today we would write the last page of Austrian Airlines JFK station history.

All Austrian and Swissport staff were supposed to be working that day – or more accurately, to say goodbye that day.

Omi, wearing personal clothing, walked into the office at 11:40 and automatically asked, "What's up?"

"Well, this is the last day," I replied hesitantly. "Let me see if I can find something else …"

Swinging her head around, she looked at the washboard, the note of which struck like a bullet. "Countdown: 0 days," it was said.

The 1:30 report, somehow hastening to arrive than on any other day, barely supported more than 20 staff members, as many, hampering their traditional, company-dictated roles, confirmed the group's dissolution. Damian read part of the instruction and Monica and Madaive became temporary "supervisors of the day."

The "Notes" section of this manual reads: "Last day, last report, last chapter."

Overwhelmed with emotions, I read the Separation Speech I had prepared, but often felt as though I was going through a thick trench.

"On New Year's Day, January 1, 2003," I began, "I was sitting at my usual desk, and then station manager Mari Tretter walked into this office. . at Terminal 1, ever since the Austrian joined the Star Alliance, he passed the Swissport USA torches that day, and since Lufthansa knew our procedures well and used her own computer system, she trembled about the transition, looking me in the eye and asking, & # 39 Will we really go through today with it? & # 39; It was January 1, 2003. Today, 15 November 2009, or nearly seven years later. Interval me proves two things:

"First, that time goes by much faster than you think. And second, nothing in the physical world is permanent. Everything has a beginning and everything has an end. And I think you know where we end today. We've done so much in these briefings. Now we have completed your last order – namely, goodbye.

"We have all traveled that route together. For some, it is longer than for others, but the number of people seen and experienced during this period, both good and bad, is almost immeasurable.

"The road, however, is a shorter part of the longer 'life path' that we all walk on a daily basis, as both serve as development paths and thresholds for our ultimate, higher existence.

"There are two types of this development. The first, the professional one, involves learning, understanding and performing job related functions such as Check-in, Ticketing, Baggage Services, Ramp Surveillance, Load Control and Management. Second, personally, it deals with more personality and character development, empowerment and growth. Here you have everything, whether you are conscious or not, engaged in both types, where there are many successful professional and personal chapters from your own life. For many of you, Swissport in general, and Austrian Airlines in particular, has served as your entry into the aviation industry. None of you will leave today the same way you came – that is, when you first started your business with us.

"Annie, for example, is one of only two left of the original team and has the third highest seniority of all at the station. Delta Air Lines Code Sharing Agreement, Austrian Airlines-Sabena-Svissair Joint Station under Atlantic Ekcellence Flag , Star Alliance, a number of concession and concept companies and four terminals, she has been instrumental in building JFK for the past 15 years, performing passenger service, ticket sales, booking, ramp supervision and even manager duties. and countless other activities too numerous h to be quoted here.

"Sidonie, with whom I shared more alternative names and recipes than any other person, led my team to ticket counters.

„Дорит, која се придружила ЈФК тиму као шеф дужности 2006. године, била је кључна у креирању програма обуке за поступке карте за северноамеричке станице, често је подучавала у Чикагу, Торонту и Вашингтону, као и повремено обављајући ту функцију овде у ЈФК.

"Ецатерина је била једна од само две која је прешла из Свисспорт у Аустриан Аирлинес, а током свог петогодишњег мандата обављала је услуге превоза путника и продаје карата.

"И Сусанна, која се једина придружила аеродрому из Вхитестона, једнако је обављала функције продаје карата. Иако је била са нама само шест месеци, брзо смо је заволели.

"Патрицк је са Свисспортом преузео агента за услуге превоза путника, надзорника рампе, контролора терета, главног агента и рачунарског менаџера; похађао је девет локалних курсева у оквиру програма обуке аустријских ваздухопловних компанија у Северној Америци и два у Бечу; други је товар Контролер је имао лиценцу на локалном нивоу, а у личном је животу имао сина, стекао лиценцу за приватног пилота и завршио диплому из ваздухопловства.

"Давид је постигао много истих ствари: обављао је путничке услуге, услуге пртљага, надзор рампе и контролу терета; похађао је шест локалних курсева и један у Бечу; трећи је био локално лиценциран контролор терета и такође је имао сина.

"Јосуе, четврти локално лиценцирани контролор оптерећења, обављао је путничку службу, надзор рампе и контролу оптерећења; похађао је седам локалних курсева и по један у Бечу; касније је попунио товарне листове за Сауди Арабиан Аирлинес и Туркисх Аирлинес.

"Омар, који се придружио рачуну Аустриан Аирлинес-а из компаније Роиал Аир Мароц, био је шеф услуге пртљага / изгубљени и пронађени водећи агент и руководио је узорним одељењем, успостављајући процедуре, организујући, обучавајући Вхаида и Стевена, па чак и структуирајући друге одељења за услуге пртљаге у Северној Америци. Због својих напора и доприноса, ЈФК је добио награду за своје побољшање.

"Оми и Беркуи, започели каријеру са Свисспорт-ом у служби за путнике, подједнако су унапређени у водеће агенте на рачуну Аустриан Аирлинес-а. Они су повремено завршили своје универзитетско образовање, а Оми је чак и малолетник у ваздухопловству. Обе су се развиле у прелепе даме .

"Дамиан је провео више од пола деценије са Свисспорт-Аустриан Аирлинесом, обављао је путничку пријаву, доласке, контролоре лета и капију за одлазак, али Аустриан Аирлинес је за њега био више од 'посла': то је била његова породица , његови пријатељи, смех, летовање и годишњи одмор на скијању до Поцоноса. За њега је то била „кућа“. У ствари, током петогодишњег боравка два пута је бежао од куће, на друге рачуне авио-компаније, а два пута се враћао.

"Доприноси за путничке услуге и Рамп Супервизију дали су и сви други, укључујући Сиеда, Кевал-а, Лорена, Цристина, Моница, Пинки, Мадаиве, Венди и Јеан.

"Због свих вас, ЈФК може да се приписује бројним снагама, постигнућима и успесима.

"А ако мислите да сам заборавио Микеа, размислите поново. Он је јединствено одговоран за неговање атмосфере и оркестрирање корака који су омогућили да се сватко од ових снага и постигнућа направи овде. Ако мислите да је попут већине управника станица, ви боље размислите поново. Он је заиста ријетка пасмина!

"Моја сопствена остварења могу се одразити на бројне улоге које сам овде играо: менаџер, директор, ментор, психолог, учитељ, писац, путнички агент, забављач, шаљивџија, стваралац рецепата, алтернативни добављач имена, па чак и Омијев отац.

„Кроз нашу заједничку историју никада није постојала никаква баријера између две групе, већ само бешавна интерфејс између Аустриан Аирлинес-а и Свисспорт-а, другим речима, човечанства које се повезује са човечанством, без обзира за коју компанију су радили.

"Могао бих навести економске разлоге – иако се нико не би сложио са њима – зашто би се то данас морало завршити. Али да није било њих, свеједно би се завршило, на овај или онај начин. Да ли то кажем зато Знам за неку дубоку, мрачну тајну из Беча? Не, кажем то јер, као што је већ споменуто, ништа није трајно у овом физичком свету, и то нас припрема, на неки мали начин, за понекад тежак задатак преласка на следећа фаза нашег развоја. Када завршимо са тим сегментом, морамо га оставити иза себе. Једног дана, након што "овде" прођемо свим развојним путевима свог живота, оставићемо их све за собом.

"Данас можда служи као мала припрема за ту неизбежност. Али, парадоксално, тада ћемо повратити везу коју смо данас били присиљени да раскинемо. Тада ћемо се виђати, свакодневно, када овде не остану дани. .

"Не знам хоћемо ли поново ићи истим путем у овом постојању. Али знам да, којим год стазама ходате, ако их добро прошетате, исправно и етично, да ће свако од њих довести до исто одредиште тамо горе.

„Ваше сузе су сузе обраћења – покушај„ враћања “оних празних џепова које ћете засигурно осетити када вечерас одете одавде – док се„ прекидате “са свима, јер, видите, ово је почело као место где радили би заједно, али завршило је једно где смо свирали заједно, смејали се заједно и плакали заједно – другим речима, привремено смо се поново спојили у 'јединство' из којег смо сви дошли.

"А сада долази и тежак део – иза себе оставити оно што смо створили и извршити значајне животне промене. Промјена је нешто чему се сви опиру, а заправо је то механизам којим се прелазимо у наредну фазу наших развојних стаза.

"Данас желим да понесете три ствари са собом.

„Прво, желим да са собом понесете сва искуства учења на професионалном нивоу, било да се тичу пријаве, контроле терета или издавања карата.

"Друго, желим да са собом понесете пријатне успомене. За свакога од вас, они ће бити различити. Можда су шала, смешно име, поглед, сир који нуди Роцио, Тајни Деда Мраз на Божић, скијашки излети или јуха од бундеве послужена током Дана захвалности. Ма какви, негујте их. И запамтите, нико вам их не може одузети.

„И на крају, желим да поведете са собом лекцију„ веће слике “која се овде учила – наиме, да када другима дате оно што сте и сами добили, било да су од вас тражени или не и да ли сте плаћени да или не, да хармонија резултира и да ви нисте само део те хармоније, већ и њен делимични стваралац.

"А сада, како сат брзо троши наше последње сате заједно, последњи ред посла је захвалити се свима на вашем времену, труду, доприносу, идејама, шалама и смејању – и вашој присутности. И највише од свега, Захваљујем ти што си ми допустио да те водим.

"Свако од вас је један мали разлог зашто смо заједно имали један велики успех.

"Желим вам исти степен успеха као што данас остављате овде, док пишете следеће поглавље свог живота и следите следећи део свог развојног пута.

"Док се поново не видимо – и ми ћемо …"

Током говора било је тешко одмерити који звук је гласнији: неконтролирани јецај или велика тишина.

Камере, које су током дана летеле на шалтеру за пријаву, снимиле су коначно затварање врата авиона – слика махајућег стјуардеса, секунде историје ЈФК компаније Аустриан Аирлинес замрзнуте временом и заувек сачуване.

Притиском на дугме на мом радију, најавио сам, "последњи аустријско-швајцарски спорт 088 је искључен у 42 после сат времена", или 13 минута пре распореда са 30 путника и 176 путника економске класе.

И последњим летом, чак је Кевал остварио своју дуго очекивану жељу: коначно је подигао авион, са Цристином.

Усред растављања рачунарских каблова, празних полица и померања намештаја у канцеларији – део по део, демонтажа наше седмогодишње "куће" – уследила је забава после одласка и поштарка, истакнута посетама више десетина. претходни запосленици Аустриан Аирлинес-а и Свисспорт-а који су се последњи пут осећали приморанима да се врате „кући“, а завршили су неизбежном сузама и исцрпљујућом емоционализацијом коју су створили сваки последњи „збогом“ док су одлазили – то јест, са сваким последњим прекидом везе .

Некако прикладно, пратио сам Анние до паркиралишта. Били смо први који смо радили за Аустриан Аирлинес, пратећи своје корене до 1989. и 1994. године, а последњи смо отишли.

"За име Бога", узвикнула је Анние, "познајем те већ 16 и пол година", док су сузе претходиле коначном загрљају.

Возећи се од аеродрома те ноћи, осетио сам најневероватнији осећај празнине који сам икада доживео у животу.


Завршни чавао унет је у северноамеричку операцију Аустриан Аирлинеса, запечативши његову судбину. ЈФК је била трећа и последња станица која је уступљена Луфтханси, после Торонта и Васхингтона, а њен резервни одељење, седиште Вхитестоне и руковање теретом такође су изгубљени у процесу.

У новембру је Свисспорт, његов седмогодишњи земљани руководилац, бакљу пренео у Луфтхансу, а станица ЈФК, прва и последња у Северној Америци, затворила је своја врата у аутономно управљање после 21 године.

Моје празнине, сада спојено са укоченошћу, наставило се следећег јутра.

Екатерина, која представља последњу нит у сада већ затвореној представи, зауставила је да покупи неке личне ствари, али док сам је пратио до покретне степенице, видео сам је последњи поглед на шалтеру карата који јој је служио као свакодневни "дом "за последње три године. Гледајући је како одлази, угледао сам је како на уснама обликује реч "збогом", али она је одбила да га усклади са звуком који би довршио њену стварност.

Последњи потез је био мој – пресељење на један од два радна места у Луфтхансиној канцеларији. Колико дуго бих ту седео и да ли бих икада изједначавао ово ново окружење са речју "дом" била су питања која су ми филтрирана кроз ум.

Више нисмо били у униформи, и ја и други аустријски директор царине били смо у пословној одећи и сада смо били одговорни за свакодневне операције пет летова Аир Цхина, Аустриан Аирлинес и Луфтханса.

Неоптерећен породицом коју сам познавао, осјећао сам се расељено као да више не припадам тамо. Затим је опет остало мало аустријских авиокомпанија којима је требало припадати. Прожет осећајем кривице, питао сам се зашто сам преживео транзицију док већина мојих колега није.

Током пријаве путника, који је премештен са пролаза Х у пролаз Г, бацио сам поглед према шалтеру бивших аустријских авио-компанија. Открила је само празнину – без црвених униформи, без Анние, без Сидоние, без Јеннер, без Ецатерине, без Сусанне – и две клавијатуре које њихове руке више никада не би додирнуле.

Исти аустријски 767-300, регистровани ОЕ-ЛАКС, ишао је тог дана са исте капије као и претходна, али, сада када су то руковали агенти које сам упознао само и који су носили плаве Луфтхансове униформе, чинило се другачије и некако далеко уклоњена од оне коју сам одувек познавао. Каква разлика може бити дан.

Помислио сам на четири непостојеће агенте за карте и празне столице. Шест месеци од сада, осетио сам, мој би био један од њих. (Било је.)


31. децембра открио је преображени свет. Тло је било прекривено лаганим покривачем снега и дрвеће, попут бескрајне линије смеђих скулптура, појавило се прекривено бијелим шећером.

Поновним уласком у бившу канцеларију Аустриан Аирлинеса, прошао сам кроз њу, дозвољавајући прошлости да се понови у садашњости.

Погледао сам у уску просторију у којој се налазио Одељење за услуге пртљага и безбројни, понекад вишеслојни састанци, пре него што су се преселили у главни уред.

Пролазећи подручјем на којем је некоћ стајао додатак стола, помислио сам на стотине састанака посаде у пилотској кабини и на импровизовани "бифе" који је постао током празника, приказујући рођенданске торте и јела захвалности.

Гледајући под испред стола за контролу терета, могао сам тек да откријем где се годишње поставља мало божићно дрвце, барем по мојој машти.

Видећући столицу на којој је седео Давид, један од три контролера терета, заклео сам се да му се у глави одзвањало свакодневно питање.

"Robert, are we closed yet," he would ask, in anticipation of sending the load sheet?

Yes, David, I answered, permanently.

Stark and silent, deserted and devoid, the Austrian Airlines office now seemed like a lifeless stage where the past seven years had played out. But the desks were gone. A cabinet door, still ajar, revealed an empty shelf. A piece of tape was still stuck to the wall, but whatever had been affixed to it had apparently long ago relinquished its grip. And an old boarding pass resting on the floor seemed to bear the collective shoe prints of the countless hundreds who had worked there.

Somewhere, at the stroke of midnight, someone clinked glasses of champagne, amidst another dusting of snow, to ring in the New Year, but no one was present to hear them. The soul that was Austrian Airlines had departed the station.

American pride – Delta Airlines and Sun Countri Airlines

Traveling cheap Delta Airlines flights has become easier than ever, and Delta Airlines travel has become something of a prestige in recent years. Perhaps it has something to do with Delta's glorious history and its tradition of providing excellent service and comfort to its passengers. Originally established as crop dust, passenger traffic began in 1929 under its present name. Since then, it has expanded its services to various destinations, domestic and international. It currently serves 319 destinations and has found a niche for itself in an airline flying across the US sky.

With Delta Airlines reservations, you can be sure that you expect the best of your flight no matter where your destination is. Over-the-air Vi-Fi connectivity lets you stay connected with family and business associates while comfortably seated in high quality seats specifically designed to deliver the ultimate relaxing experience you can hope for. Sockets are available for charging your electronic devices; In-flight entertainment includes a great selection of movies, TV programs, music and games that would surely keep you from crawling. Meal service and free drinks are sure to brighten your taste buds and provide gastronomic extravagance!

On the other hand, if you are embarking on a Sun Countria travel business, you would be glad to know about the airline's history of near collapse and eventual recovery, literally, returning with a bush. Founded in 1982, Sun Countri's original tenure directed residents of the state of Minnesota to warmer destinations (such as Dallas and Miami) in the winter months. The steady growth has enabled Sun Countri to serve more than 40 destinations across the United States, Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean. A bankruptcy survivor during the 2000s, today Sun Countri is one of the most profitable carriers in the United States.

When booking Sun Countri Airlines, you can use its affordable first-class service that makes it easy and comfortable to travel, allowing you to sit and enjoy your flight with extra leg room and plush seats that allow you to be free for the duration of the flight. In-flight entertainment lets you enjoy a wide range of movies, TV shows and music tracks. And as if that weren't enough, you can eat the best in-flight funds and free alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

Therefore, which airline you choose for your next trip depends solely on what flight experience you would have more of. Either way, both carriers offer exciting last-minute deals to all destinations. So what are you waiting for? Pack your suitcases and check out the incredible deals and get your next vacation plan, traveling with ease, comfort and getting the most out of your light by flying on these two exemplary airlines, which continue to serve travelers and carry them to their destinations, be they domestic or international cities.

Top 4 airlines to consider for flights to Delhi and Melbourne

Lately, trade and cultural relations between India and Australia have grown significantly. From the signing of the nuclear agreement to the student exchange program, the link between the two countries has strengthened in recent years. This has provided many opportunities for people in terms of work, education and travel. Among the three, travel benefited most from the increase in air traffic between countries.

Cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Bangalore are well connected by frequent flights to Melbourne, Canberra and Perth. One of the busiest routes is from the Indian capital to the coastal city of Melbourne, with some major airlines flying daily from Delhi to Melbourne. The carriers listed below may be considered when checking flights between these two metropolitan areas.

Air India

Holding the flag of India, Air India offers some of the most convenient connections between Delhi and Melbourne. The airline is known for its impeccable service and extensive domestic service. You can easily catch a connection from any city in India with this carrier to Indira Gandhi International Airport, which is its main hub. The carrier recently revamped its website to enhance the customer experience. You can check flight status, inquire about luggage details and choose your preferred seat at the time of online check-in. Recently, the airline confirmed the inclusion of about 15 narrow A320 hulls in the fleet, which will allow it to expand its routes.

Singapore Airlines

With its headquarters at Changi International Airport, Singapore Airlines is one of the major carriers operating in the regions of South Asia, Southeast Asia and East Asia. Apart from these lines, it also operates scheduled flights from Delhi to Melbourne. The newly introduced Premium Economy Class provides many additional choices for in-flight entertainment with increased comfort levels. As it is known for its warm and hospitable service, the airline is among the most attractive on this route.

Thai Airvais

This airline is about exceptional service and time savings. Thai Airvais is a founding member of Star Alliance and has an extensive network. The recent decision to improve international services has led to many renovations in terms of model aircraft, in-flight facilities and field operations. This has mainly affected the Delhi-Melbourne sector as you can now enjoy the enhanced benefits and services you provide in Roial First Class, Roial Silk Class and Economi Class. These classes offer delicious cuisine and audio-video entertainment, high in the air.

Malaisia ​​Airlines

Malaisia ​​Airlines is one of the major carriers in the Asian region thanks to the connectivity of routes, and dedicated shipping and on-line services. It operates daily mainly from Kuala Lumpur International Airport to more than 50 destinations worldwide. The Delhi-Melbourne route is one of the busiest as the weather coincides with the times of many connected domestic flights. At the same time, several flights of codes operate with Jet Airvais on this route. You can easily search these plane tickets from various online travel agencies, which also provide some of the best deals available.

Choosing the right airline can sometimes become a daunting task, however, the aforementioned airlines can be taken into consideration when checking services on the Delhi-Melbourne route.

Flights from BOS to PDKS, flying from Boston to Portland? Here's a guide to airlines and airline tickets

How can one go from the US East Coast to the West Coast these days? Many people choose to fly from Boston Logan International, New England's main airport, and move to a city like Portland. Flights from BOS to PDKS are among the cheapest, with a large number of airlines offering great deals on this route. The distance between the two airports is just over 2500 miles.

The following airlines offer cheap flights:

• Spirit Airlines

• JetBlue

• Delta

• Alaska Airlines

• Sun Countri Air

• American Airlines

If you are planning to buy a round trip ticket, you will be glad to know that you can leave your vehicle at BOS Airport for a very small fee. There are several parking lots to choose from and you can check them out at the official airport location. You can also easily take the metro from downtown Boston to Logan International.

How long are flights from BOS to PDKS? The average time for a non-stop flight is 6 hours and 14 minutes. There are 90 nonstop flights per week, an average of 13 per day. If it stops in the summer, cities with shared connections include Nevark, San Francisco, Phoenik and Los Angeles.

Time to book flights from BOS to PDKS

It's best to try and book a few weeks in advance, not only because the price is usually cheaper, but because you might get the chance to choose your own seat. Ideally, you choose to choose a window seat so you can see as much land as possible, from the greenery of New England to the Midwest Plains, Rocky, and at the end of the Pacific.

The cheapest day to fly between the two cities is usually Wednesday. If you can, avoid flying during important holidays, as prices tend to go up. September is the cheapest month to fly from Boston to the West Coast. From airlines offering flights from BOS to PDKS, Spirit Airlines and American Airlines usually offer great deals. Alaska Airlines flies mostly this route, offering five flights a day.

Are you planning to book a hotel room as well? Depending on the airline, booking website and current travel trends, you could get a better deal if you book your room and airline together. There is usually an option to add a rental car to this package. Take a look at the holiday packages that include flights from BOS to PDKS and compare prices.

It's not that hard to find a great airline ticket – you can simply visit travel websites to get discounted flights from BOS to PDKS. Use this page to save on your hotel room and car. Take the time to look at the coupon codes online to see if anyone can be used for this trip.

Factors affecting the price of a plane ticket

The wide range of prices at which you buy a plane ticket make this a daunting task. What factors affect the price?

  • Fuel cost has one of the biggest impacts on tickets. As crude oil prices rise, so does the cost of the airline. Airlines negotiating fuel purchases in the future can avoid sudden accidents and shift savings to the customer.
  • A weak economy causes people to shrink on irrelevant journeys. This encourages airlines to give discounts to lure flyers. Conversely, when business is good and planes are filled to capacity, there is little incentive to offer low-cost airline tickets.
  • Airport taxes are another part of ticket prices. Airlines using smaller airports save on fees.
  • Destination is a factor. Competition will have a big impact on price. An airline that enjoys a virtual monopoly on a particular route can charge pretty much what they want. Those who fly international routes have strong competition from other countries and have to price to match what they have to offer.
  • Budget airlines can sometimes provide the cheapest airline tickets through a no-frills approach. This is most effective on domestic short haul flights.
  • Time plays an important role. If departure time is approaching and there are still plenty of empty seats on the flight, the airline will offer them with a significant reduction. If flying on a particular day is not critical, it might be worth it to last until the last minute.
  • Where a ticket is purchased, it may affect its cost. Travel agents get good rates from carriers, but charge them for services. The internet does produce some benefits, but be careful who you are dealing with. Occasionally airlines & # 39; their own websites have non-promotional discounts.
  • Plain, old-fashioned greed. Air travel is a market economy, and airlines will charge as much as they can to escape. Don't trust anyone. Do your research.

When buying cheap flights, be aware of what you are actually comparing. One airline advertises a flight to an Asian destination as $ 800, while another advertises a price of $ 1300. Reading the tiny prints shows that the "cheap ticket" has another $ 700 hidden fees and extra costs, which means it's actually $ 200 more than the all inclusive price.

There are many factors that affect the price of a plane ticket. How well the carrier manages these costs will determine their basic order. Competition is key, the airlines that most want your business to offer the best deals. Careful shopping will help you find the cheapest flights.

Cheap Flights to Mirtle Beach – Information on nearby airports, airlines and popular hotels

Mirtle Beach is one of the major travel destinations along the East Coast. The most popular time to visit is winter and spring. However, if you can prove it, you'll find cheap flights to Mirtle Beach during the off-season, which is in the summer and in the fall. If you are traveling during the summer, be sure to bring plenty of sun blocks as the weather will be hot. If you go during the fall, make sure the hurricane season is in the Atlantic.

Mirtle Beach International Airport serves nearly 1,000,000 people annually. There are several airlines that fly direct to MIR from cities including Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Boston, Washington DC, Huntington, Dallas – Fort Worth, Charlotte and many others.

The following airlines fly direct to MIR:

• United

• Delta

• Allegiant

• American

• Ghost

• Porter

Being an international airport, there are a number of international flights from cities around the world.

The airport is located just three miles southeast of the central business district, so you can easily reach your hotel by taxi, shuttle or car rental. Maybe you can find a better deal if you fly to Wilmington, NC, if you are not allowed to travel 74.7 miles to Mirtle Beach by bus or rental car. Another airport to look at is the Grand Strand Airport, located just north of the beach.

Since it is a small holiday destination, it is easy to tour Mirtle Beach. All hotels are close to the airport and major tourist attractions. Some of the popular hotels include Sea Mist, Westgate, Sea Crest Oceanfront Resort, Dunes Village Resort, Best Western and Mariana Inn.

Additional vacation options you are looking for with cheap flights to Mirtle Beach

When looking for cheap flights to Mirtle Beach, you might want to look for packages that include accommodation. There are also comprehensive holiday packages that include dining and entertainment. If you stay at a hotel near the airport, you can take a bus from Ivori Wilson Transfer Station, which stops at several convenient locations.

There is a lot to do in the area. You can simply choose to stay on the beach all day, every day, or spend some time going to the coastal Grand Center and shop at 140 stores or something, or play golf at the Vhispering Pines Golf Course.

Whether you are currently interested in cheap flights to Mirtle Beach or you also want to continue and book your airline ticket and / or rent a car, it's a great time to find discounts on holiday packages.

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